Pittsburgh and Pennsylvania Highways

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PA 88/US 19

PA 88 starts at the West Virginia state line, between US 19 at Mount Morris and US 119 at Point Marion. Just north of there, PA 121 travels northwest toward Waynesburg.

The route continues north to Carmichaels, where PA 88 crosses PA 21 (running between Uniontown and Waynesburg). Between Carmichaels and Millsboro, PA 188 splits to run to Waynesburg, while PA 88 continues to Brownsville.

In Brownsville, PA 88 crosses US 40, running between Uniontown and Washington. PA 88 continues north to Charleroi, where it intersects with PA 71. The road continues north to Monongahela, where it crosses PA 31 running between West Newton and Washington.

From Monongahela, PA 88 continues north towards Pittsburgh, running roughly between US 19 through Bridgeville and PA 51 from Clairton. Just south of Pittsburgh, it joins with PA 51.

US 19 starts at the West Virginia state line at Mount Morris. It runs north through Kirby to Waynesburg, where it intersects with PA 188 and crosses PA 21 and PA 18. From Waynesburg, US 19 continues north through Amity to Laboratory, where it intersects with US 40 running between Brownsville and Washington. Both routes continue to Washington, where PA 18 also passes through, as does PA 31.

US 19 continues northeast from Washington to Cannonsburg and Bridgeville. Just south of Bridgeville, PA 28 runs west to Hickory and Avella. In Bridgeville, US 19 intersects with PA 978, which runs northwest through Noblestown to a junction with US 22 at North Star (PA 979 is shown as a short road on either side of PA 978, crossing it between Noblestown and North Star). Also at Bridgeville, a short section of PA 911 is shown running north. From Bridgeville, US 19 continues to Pittsburgh.

North of Pittsburgh, there is no PA 88 indicated, although there are clues that it must have continued north, based on the main route/sub route numbering scheme and US 19 as the new designation. US 19 north of Pittsburgh passes through Keown on its way to Zelienople, where it intersects with PA 68 running from Rochester to Harmony and on to Butler.

From Zelienople, PA 288 runs north to Ellwood City, where it intersects with several "88" routes. PA 488 runs through Ellwood City between Portersville (intersection of US 422 and US 19) and Wampum. PA 388 also runs through Ellwood City, between New Castle and Beaver Falls.

From Zelienople, US 19 continues to Harmony then on to Portersville, where it intersects with US 422. North of there, any trace of a continuation of PA 88 is non-existant, but there are other "*" roads -- PA

From Portersville, US 422 and US 19 continue north toward New Castle. US 19 splits from US 422 and continues to Harlansburg, where it crosses PA 108 running between New Castle and Slippery Rock. [Side Note: PA 8 once ran through Slippery Rock, from Elora then on to Harrisville, where it intersected with PA 58.]

From Harlansburg, US 19 continues north through Leesburg to Mercer, which was a major crossroads. PA 58 passed through, between Grove City and Harrisville (eastern terminus) and Greenville to end in Jamestown. PA 258 heads west to PA 18 at Clarksville. PA 55 runs west to Hermitage and Sharon. PA 158 runs southwest to New Wilmington (PA 18). PA 65 runs northeast to Stoneboro, Sandy Lake (crossing PA 78) before ending at PA 8 and US 322 in Franklin.

From Mercer, US 19 (as a lesser road than the various state routes) continues north through Sheakleyville to just west of Meadville, where it intersects US 322. From Meadville, PA 27 runs east to Titusville and PA 77 runs northeast to New Richmond and beyond. US 19 runs north out of Meadville to Cambridge Springs. PA 98 looks as if it at one time was a continuation of the road marked as US 19; from the intersection of US 322, it goes north to Hayfield (PA 198 runs west from here to PA 18 in Conneautville). PA 98 continues through Crossingville, crosses PA 79 north of there (which is running east/west between Union City, Edinboro, Albion ans West Springfield), runs through Franklin Center, crosses US 20 in Fairview, and ends at PA 99 in Avonia.

US 19 makes a turn to the northwest at Cambridge Springs, where PA 5 starts/ends (this is a short route, ending at Waterford and US 6, although there is a PA 505 shown just south of Erie off of US 6). US 19 runs through Edinboro, crossing PA 79, then meanders toward Erie. The only other road shown in that section is PA 97, which runs from US 6 at Waterford to US 19 just south of Erie.

A check of a current PennDOT highway map shows that PA 88 and US 19 really haven't changed much since 1929, until one gets north of Meadville. Now, US 6 runs from Union City over was was PA 79. At the junction of PA 5 and PA 79 north of Cambridge Springs, US 6N continues to follow what was PA 79 west through Edinboro, Albion, and West Springfield. US 6 continues south to Meadville over what was PA 5 between the PA79/PA 5 junction and Cambridge Springs, then US 19 into Meadville. US 19 is on the same route from Meadville to Cambridge Springs, but swapped roads from there north. Out of Cambrige Springs, PA 5 became US 19 to Waterford. From Waterford for a short distance, US 6 became US 19, then US 19 continued up PA 97, whose route number was switched to what was US 6 into Erie. What was US 19 from Cambridge Springs through Edinboro to Erie is now PA 99.

Last update: October 1999